About Us

Our Story

CMEP was founded on the belief that there is an opportunity to work with UK SMEs to build sustainable growth through effective collaboration between the providers of capital and the owners and managers. 

Our backers are successful business people, entrepreneurs and professional investors who help us provide more than just capital. 

Our Solutions

We provide the opportunity for owners and management teams to transition, and for their businesses to develop and grow. As a private investment vehicle we can be flexible and creative, to tailor solutions that fit the needs of each individual situation. 

We predominantly focus on majority equity investments, but will consider minority stakes and certain debt instruments, whether for succession planning, development capital, MBOs or carve-outs from larger businesses. 

Patient Capital

We and our investors understand that patience is a virtue.

It is estimated that in the UK, only one third of business owners at or above retirement age have made succession plans.  With over 1.5 million businesses having to change hands in the next decade there is a significant market opportunity from the natural life-cycle.

We believe that a patient and disciplined approach to the market will enable us to unearth quality businesses and management teams that we can partner with to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns. 

Investment Criteria

Target Partners

Our typical investments will have turnover of up to £25 million and EBITDA of up to £5 million.

Capital Requirement

We generally target investments with a requirement of £1 million to £10 million.


We invest across a range of industries, primarily focused on established B2B businesses with a track record of cash generation.


We are focused on investment opportunities across the UK.