Working with us

We are looking to form successful and lasting partnerships with Business Owners, Management Teams and Advisors.

Business Owners

We want to add more value than just money.  We are here to ensure that your legacy continues – providing continuity of employment, supply and support.  Nobody knows their business like a founder, so we are keen to keep owners on board and aligned during a flexible transition period that suits everyone. 

We can help you crystallise up front value, partially monetising your investment whilst preparing the business for its next stage of growth, and providing strategic support and professional rigour around the board table. 


Transitions don't happen in a day and we can help improve the fabric of the business alongside an owner over time, thus enabling them to be able to step back from operational day-to-day and focus on larger strategic decisions. 

Management Teams

Management clearly plays a crucial role in creating value in any deal. That value should be properly driven by clear and appropriate incentivisation structures that reflect each manager’s contribution. 

We can help shoulder the burden of reporting to new stakeholders, like finance providers and shareholders, that management may not have dealt with before.  We can put in place best practices and performance measures to ensure senior management has the right degree of oversight and ready access to the right data and decision-making tools.


We believe in forming close relationships with the advisory community.  As a small team we rely on our network to vet and source potential partnerships.

As you work with us, you'll find that we are quick to respond with constructive feedback and that we are willing to be creative and proactive in working on opportunities.  Each deal is hugely important for our portfolio and track record so we will devote all our resources towards making it a success. 

We are able to reward successful introductions of proprietary deal flow.